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        2016 Events:
  • March 9: Dancing Classrooms' Annual Benefit Gala- Mad Hot Ball
  • April 27: Cocktails
  • May 21: Dance Parade Brunch
  • June 25: Colors of the Rainbow Grand Finals
  • July 5: Midsummer’s Night Swing
  • July 12: ELEVATE Kickoff
  • September 19: ELEVATE


Get Involved:

There are multiple ways that you can support the amazing work of the Contemporaries.  You can join a volunteer committee, attend an event or provide vital financial support.  All of these activities connect you to a community committed to creating connections and inspiring confidence.  For more information or to join our mailing list, please email us at



Who We Are:

The Dancing Classrooms Contemporaries is a group of high-powered professionals whose mission is to cultivate awareness and promote fundraising to support Dancing Classrooms.  Your support through volunteering and financial support allows Dancing Classrooms to inspire young ladies and gentlemen to…

  • Stand a little taller and feel confident in their own shoes
  • Venture outside their comfort zones, and rise to every occasion with curiosity and courage
  • Celebrate everyday victories as steps to extraordinary accomplishments
  • Embrace their classmates as partners and learn to see eye-to-eye
  • Share the joy of Dancing Classrooms with their families and communities

We believe in the transformative power of an embrace.  Together, we turn challenges into a chance to discover something new in ourselves.  With joyful collaboration, we laugh when we trip over our feet and lift each other up.

We are Dancing Classrooms Contemporaries, and we extend our hand to you.